Hues of Blackness: A Jamaican Saga

One year on and Hues of Blackness:A Jamaican Saga is a book to be proud of. Strategic books made a compelling cover. Browsing shoppers touch the haunting face it displays with a tender figure the take and turn the volume over to read the alluring blurb. They are drawn in by a challenged woman’s fight for family land that has seen generations of foremothers acting  to strengthen their children for the struggle against slavery and oppression.It has been fascinating to serve browsers who cannot put the book down while they complete their purchase.

The book developed from detailed ecological research  and from discussions with a mentor dedicated to family and local istory. The varied backdrop of rural Jamaica contributes the lush colour of the tropical landscape as it develops from the days of Taino hunter gatherers to small town dignity as a parish capital. Protagonists range from mixed race descendents of Spain and Jewry through African captives, to those typifying the national motto, “out of many, one people.” Yet, in the hinterland, the message of freedom is consistantly lived out by the free peoples of the hills and caves. To realize their proud selfhood in modern times, Amy, though hampered by the results of a massive stroke, communicates visions of their foremothers’ lives to her to her designated hears, Latoya and Simone. As they come to grips with their inheritance in the land of wood and water, complexities of the tangled interrelations of its inhabitants come to light.

This book has brought accolades from nascent and experienced readers as well as positive reviews from respected critics. It was eagerly sought as a seasonal gift in 2011 by many of its inital readers. Now, in 2012, marketing has reached a wider audience and it is readily available in this festive season through internet purchases from Strategic Books and Amazon.The adage that acknowledges marketing as the real test of  authorship emphasises the hard work it demands. I, as author of Hues of Blackness: A Jamaican Saga, have discovered the joy of sharing the product and the thrill of seeing browsers take ownership of it by the power of their touch.


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