A New Year for Business

24/7 blogs are so demanding and illness, disaster and annual family celebrations can wipe blog time out. I reconnect with humble apologies to all my readers. I rejoice that the disasters did not happen to me this year and I continue to extend compassionate support to all those to whom they did.

Life is vital. My thoughts are shattered by news of the school shootings in America. I walk to work this morning past the spot where Danielle Beccan was gunned down almost ten years ago at the age of fourteen and I contemplate, between the birthdays of my two magnificently mature daughters, the daily pain of the mother who never saw her grow up. How do we respond to such suffering? How do we bear to look at images of children born to die of the famine that surrounds their parents?

I join the mood of the age by deciding my answer is business. In the eighties and nineties it was community action of which I saw years in my much loved semi-rural home town of Savanna-la-mar in Jamaica. But our global need is too great for such slow processes. Lives are being left behind. That’s why the call of the day is for bigger visions and instantaneous drive, that is specifically targeted. Those solutions that we do not create cost too many lives. I am creating business as fast as my skill can grow.

Bear with me, follow RoseyTP wherever you find her on the web. In full it is Rosey Thomas Palmer. My birth certificated alias is Rosemary Palmer. Read my vision of overcoming women in my novel “Hues of Blackness: A Jamaican Saga.” Connect with me on Linkedin. Together we can make a difference because there is a God given spirit of revolt that rages against poverty and limitation. By tapping into it we gain the power to change for a better world.


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