There is a God out there somewhere

This week’s high drama soap showed the tears of desolation of a female character as she clawed her way along a ditch, unable to raise herself from the mud. I asked aloud why she did not pray?

In moments of desperation human beings are known to call on their mothers and on the Creator. We instinctively feel that the one who brought us to life cares for our well-being with a passion that transcends time, distance and dimension.

To me, it was unreal that a mature individual should not have marvelled at the magic of life and survival sufficiently to have developed the certainty that some source of creation actively protected her and that there was an enduring communicative link between its intentionality and her ultimate survival.

Herein lies the richness of daring greatly in life and stretching boundaries deliberately or coincidentally. When we are over cautious or over protected we can be robbed of this precious appreciation of being sustained and protected by forces beyond the ordinary. I wish this character had displayed such fundamental human faith. I hope the script writers of other popular shows will spare some lines to celebrate it.


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