Hurricane from two angles

Did you know that when the island community was first opened up to cross world migrations by Moors from Portugal this was done from the western end?  St Ann’s Bay, recorded in Seville, and Bluefields Bay for the settlement of Oristan, in particular. These areas have been lightly touched by the recent storm.


 Meanwhile, the seat of colonial government and the stronghold of pirating activities, in the east of Jamaica, have been battered by hurricanes and earthquakes on many memorable occasions.  At this time memory cannot be without compassion.


 On the other hand, we can recall with pride that Bluefields is associated with Captain Bligh’s gift of breadfruit trees and many other fruits brought on his second and most successful voyage. Is this difference of island experience incidental, coincidental, providential or consequential? Some blog considerations will follow but also , a page from Hues of Blackness describing her storm experience


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