Pink slippers and disappointments

What a restorative it is to have feet that are warm and comfortable. I have decided to indulge in six minute blogs. Like pink slippers, they need to be quick to put on, fast and frivolous.

This resolve comes because of a slight disaappointment that could have been a crushing blow, not because it is irreversible, but if you are a newish author securing your first radio broadcast, a glitch can be a significant hitch. Imagine waking up with a bad dream about being unprepared and drying up on air; then battling a frozen email account for much of the day. So much so that the failed pick up on the other end of the international phone line cannot be explained until the cursor unfreezes.

Curse the cursor. Curse the cold. Don the slippers. Try not to feel too old to handle technology with a nonchalant hunch of the shoulder and a wine or a splif. By Thursday the whizzes will have moved in and systems will obediently whirr. In the meantime, shuffle a bit closer to comfort and listen to the cat purr. Eat home-made syllabub made with the last of the 2011 crop and praise the goodly old freezer that does its appropriate thing to preserve the fruit. Timeless selfhood facing up to temporary technical setbacks; surviving to persist again.


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