Fair Hope Alabama

Thanks to the folks at Page and Palette who patiently and persistently invited me to participate in the annual arts and book festival of an alluring Gulf resort, I spent a weekend in Fair Hope, Alabama.
I had never been to America before. Ihad no way to imagine mileage, distance, transport in the vast States.
I fell into the hands of a great reliable, courteous taxi driver. Jimmy assisted me with transportation to all locations at moderate fares. I shared a tent withDr Philip Levine of Doctor’s Dreams fame, his loyal and lively Kassie and a good resourceful friend, Isobelle, co-partner of an audio and web business.
I watched intense footfall to feted young fiction writers and planned my business, sold all my books and soaked up the sun.
It was a fun-filled weekend with firm aspirationsa to fly home on. Writing a book is an adventure. Publishing it is unexpected delight. Marketing it is the task that taxes your stamina and weeds out the wannabees from the go-getters. If I can pattern myself on some who I met in America, you will all have copies of Hues of Blackness in your stockings this Christmas.


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