Authoring for each other and for others

Authoring has something to do with originating an idea or creating a uniquely written record of a group or stream of ideas.

Associated with the craft of authoring must be the authority to authenticate.However, because ideas stem from experience others must partner in this authenication.

Whilst the literary and performing media elevate authenticity, pundits seem to lack yardsticks so they continually reinvent work that has already been authenticated rather than venturing to promote the work of contemporary writers. Thus we have multiple versions of Pride and Prejudice, Lady Chatterly’s Lover, Vanity Fair, the Wind in the Willows; to name but a few. Sometimes it seems that “classic” is taken to mean “authentic” whilst “contemporary” means “remaining suspect”.

Strangely though, we who struggle to publish our work now are the classics of tomorrow. We are likely to be dead before our work accrues the prosperity we would love to enjoy in life. Consequently, authenticity, as it applies to current and unapplauded works of art, must  be continually negotiated between the author and those who have shared or are sharing his/her experience.

Though this blog may sound densely theoretical, it is not. Instead, it is the essence of our interaction with our social and ecological networks, each other and our audiences. I will use my work to show you what I mean as blogs are blogged on this site. Please add your insights as soon as my obsurities become bloggable. I want to show your responses on my pages. How is this done on WordPress? Forgive my newness. I want us to have a dialogue.




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