a note to readers

Day three did not happen because my computer was sick. Day four became three for WordPress but not until midnight as I was sick.

The difference is I have will power but my pc doesn’t. My adversary was the smallest fly. It floats around my garden as dusk starts to fall and nips sharply on any exposed skin. Wherever it takes its meal becomes the epicentre of a swelling that continues to  enlarge until antihystamines slowly seep into my system.

Yet the garden at dusk is so alluring. It is tempting to linger those extra five minutes and hope the insects won’t bite.  Peace and perfect quiet settle over the whole area and the dull muscle ache from  a little hard work melts into pleasure as the result is surveyed in the quiet. It seems the coward’s way out to rush home but a wiser person would retreat early and use the evening better.



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