AT Home with Words

“Word Press” is a name I have heard over and over again in the first tumultuous year and a half of being a published novelist. Poetry is a an easy ride compared with the hard graft of marketing a novel. Theatre is a romp in the park  compared to presenting poetry or moving to 250 page authorship. The procress was good though. It toughened the word craft, honed the audience identification and enthused me for a long lifetime of learnerly endeavour. Now, I am beginning to pick sense out of the multitudinous advice and guidance offered by those who have been here and done this already.

Where is the t-shirt?  I need to put it on! An author cannot go out naked into the world of success. What I mean by naked is the economic stage of putting lucrative employment on a back burner, feeding all available funds into getting published, discovering that the constant cash flow cannot stop because now there is the need to market, and seeing the bank balance woefully empty.  At this stage we dwell on how Rembrandt and Van Goth had to sell their works for loaves of bread. Most saleable goods have already gone from my house.

Not to mention the loss of heirlooms, treasured momentoes and bolstering consumables that fell away during series of migrations, family breakdowns and job demanded relocations. Yet the fight is in me to survive. It arises from the novels knocking on the doors of my brain, waiting to be written, from those queuing on my desktop to be completed, and from those sitting in flash drives ready to be trialled or even selected for publication.

At least the world is now a better place for aspiring writiers. Alternatives to mainstream publication are available and vibrant. The world of e-publishing calls. I hear sales do better there than amongst the paper versions.  Word Press is my place to share the struggles and the progress. I am blessed with many friends and associates who address the same challenges. I want us to build each others’ platforms. I welcome other writers, readers and would be authors to join this blog and generate the support and the celebrations we all need to conquer the challenge.


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